About Us

Your satisfaction is our achievement 

Opala Payment Systems aimed to provide the most secure and hassle-free payment solutions to the world of commerce. Being one of the fastest growing payment solutions, we can provide you all the added benefits when processing with us

  • Secure Data Processing
  • Next-Day Funding ***
  • 24/7 Multilingual Customer Service***
  • Direct POS integration***

Our service can be catered to any size of business. We leverage our extensive product portfolio and expertise to deliver the ideal payment solutions that feeds your every need.

Opala Payment System is beyond the traditional credit card processing; our goal is to work directly with our merchants to make merchant operation more effective. Enroll today.

***not all next day funding programs are created equal. See who makes casino dice ask-casino for more.
Some processors require that merchants have an account
at their designated bank. an example: transactions submitted on Tuesday and
settled by 6pm (EST) will appear at the customer’s bank on Wednesday, vipergirls forum the next business banking day. Visit pokeraakk.

***English, Chinese

***POS integration with all abcpos software