well-prepared your store for the October 2015 liability shift

EMV is the abbreviation for EuroPay, MasterCard® and Visa®, the three organizations that defined read full report the international standards and requirements for chip-based payment. EMV is a payment method that combines plastic web card with integrated circuit chip (ICC). ICC contains embedded microprocessors and logics to process credit cards with added security features. Therefore, instead of the magnetic strip, sensitive data is now stored in this ICC.

By October 2015, United States will need to adapt many of its payment processing in order to fit into this EMV model. To assist all merchants with a smooth transition, Opala Payment System is equipped with both EMV certified hardware and software that supports this EMV model, find out here. 

Ensuring our merchant is well-prepared for the October 2015 liability shift, our professional team experienced room addition contractors in San Diego will provide you with the best EMV solution for your business. Whether it is a stand-alone terminal or POS integrated terminal, we have you covered. 

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